Here at team TennisFIT we thought we would kick off our first blog post with a bang. What’s a better way than to explain how TennisFIT can revolutionise your game?!

Tennis is a game of continual emergencies, and to be ready to respond in times of crisis we need proper training. Think about it this way.. does a fireman go headfirst into a burning building without training? The same applies for your on-court game. When ill-prepared we make mistakes - we’re only human after all.

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t reach that out wide ball? Or why you lack power on your serve? You might have been spending hour after hour hitting on-court, but find your game still lacking.

Have you considered that when it comes to training quality usually trumps quantity? 

Malcolm Gladwell* argued that it takes 10,000 hours to make a champion - that’s 3 hours of practise a day for 10 years. But this doesn’t necessarily mean 3 hours of tennis a day. To be a champion there are several other defining factors - physical fitness being one. 

Team TennisFIT believe our bespoke program design, and session structure can aid your game in a way that traditional tennis training can’t. Read our reasoning in the following four part series.

Reason I: Skip the gym & get fit on-court

Bored of the same gym routine and short on time? TennisFIT classes combine both technical tennis coaching with a bespoke fitness program - both taken place on-court to save on time and expensive gym memberships, as well as keeping training fun and social.

Why is physical fitness important for your game?

Tennis is a physical game that requires high levels of both aerobic & anaerobic fitness. Without a level of fitness, you simply wont last the match. Going up to the gym and doing 30minutes on the bike as your “fitness” routine simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you want to play like a pro - then you have to train like a pro.

This means following a well rounded fitness program. One that includes a combination of energy system training, strength training, and tennis specific movement and power training. 

At TennisFIT we have all aspects covered, with an on-court fitness program fit for a pro (well technically used by a pro!).

Log on tomorrow to check out reason two in our four part series “Why get TennisFIT?”.




Gladwell, M (2008), Outliers