Why get TennisFIT?

So now we have established the importance of improving on-court physical fitness, we will look at reason two of our top four reasons to get TennisFIT.

Reason II: Improve tennis technique & efficiency

TennisFIT classes are focused around improving individual tennis technique. Right down from which grip to use, to how to incorporate proper movement patterns to improve timing and power generation. 

We believe that to improve your tennis technique you need to do more than just hit tennis balls. 

Training aids such as medicine balls and resistance bands can both aid to improve your tennis technique. For example, to establish proper weight transfer on groundstrokes the use of a medicine ball can help to break down the movement and ensure the correct weight transfer from back-to-front. 

Why is technique and efficiency important for your game?

Technique is the foundation of tennis. If you don’t hold the racket correctly then how do you expect to hit the ball? 

So many of our clients have come to us with complaints that have been easily fixed with the use of suitable drills. For example not being able to generate top spin on the forehand - it’s no wonder when you’re using chopper grip! Or lacking power in their groundstrokes - due to sloppy weight transfer and poor positioning. 

If you become more technically sound, then your efficiency will improve as a result. Efficiency, in sport, is the bodies ability to maintain a suitable level of work whilst putting the least demand on the body.

Think of it like efficiency in cars. The most efficient car is the one that uses the least amount of petrol per mile. Essentially, when we look for efficiency in a car, we want to travel furthest at the lowest cost - the same applies on the tennis court. In match situation we want to maintain our level of play for the longest duration possible to ensure we see the match out. The average tennis match lasts a mean of 1.5hours*, so efficiency is key for both the pro level and club level player. 

To sum up

With a more technically sound player comes more efficiency. With increased efficiency comes a higher level of play, for a longer duration. Meaning more time on court to do what every player loves - WINNING!

Tomorrows post will look at reason number three, on our top four reasons to get TennisFIT.



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