In yesterday’s blog post we looked at why TennisFIT can improve your tennis technique and efficiency. Today’s post will look at reason three - why TennisFIT can reduce risk of on court injury.

Reason III.: Reduce risk of injury

At TennisFIT we understand that the biggest hinderance to a players game is getting injured. 

Picture this.. you’ve spent months training for a big match. You’ve practiced hour after hour on court and meticulously analysed your opponents game - only to get injured days before! 

Trust me when I say - it’s happened to the best of us.

Let’s look at the statistics. It’s estimated that for every 1000 hours of tennis played, there are 1.7 injuries*. Of course you can’t 100% elevate the risk of getting injured, but you can certainly reduce the risk.

How can TennisFIT reduce risk of injury?

A TennisFIT session begins with a specific warm up - including mobilisation of joints, activation of key muscles and movement preparation for the particular session.

Running through a thorough warm up has countless benefits. It prepares your body for the activity ahead, ensuring muscles and joints are warm and active.

It’s also a good time to prepare the mind for the session about to take place. Professional players of all sports use the warm up as valuable time to clear the mind and get their “head in the game”. 

A targeted warm-down is also implemented, featuring focused stretching and muscle release. Which will not only reducing the risk of feeling unnecessary stiffness but minimise DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) the next day.

From experience, tennis players are particularly bad at sticking to a suitable strength program. Time is often a major factor, along with boredom and lack of education when it comes to the gym. Which seems counterintuitive as injury is what stops the unconditioned tennis player from putting in the hours on court.

One of our core values at TennisFIT is to get you fitter and stronger for your on court performance. 

Our sessions feature a tennis specific strength program to get your whole body stronger. We incorporate both upper and lower body exercises. Focusing particularly on trunk and hip stability, single-leg and shoulder strength as well as the posterior chain. All being crucial in stabilising the body, powering shots and initiating movement on court. 

So there it is, another reason why you should get TennisFIT this year! Check out tomorrows post for reason number four.



Pluim, B (2006), Tennis injuries: occurrence, aetiology and prevention,