Today we will look at the last reason in our four part series of ‘Why get TennisFIT?’ - increase strength, speed & power.

Reason IV: Increase strength, speed & power

Our on-court exercises focus around proper strength, speed and power training. Giving you the strength to execute shots, the speed to reach that impossible ball and the power to hit the perfect winner. 

Each tennis drill puts these exercises into practice. Forcing you to use your hips to generate power in your shots, move your feet to reach the ball and to recover in-between as fast as you can.

Why are strength, speed & power important?

These three elements of training are crucial in the improvement of any players game. Core, shoulder and leg strength provide the basis of a proper tennis specific strength program.

Speed, agility and tennis specific movement drills aid on-court performance and allow players to move around the court faster and more efficiently. 

Power is the ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible. In a tennis specific environment increased power helps a player to hit the ball harder, reach the ball faster and aim to maintain doing so for the duration of a match. 

So, there is it - 4 arguments why you should get TennisFIT. Sounds like a no-brainer right?! 

See you on court!



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