Review: CocoPro

This week at TennisFIT HQ we tried out CocoPro. The all new post-workout drink made with a combination of pure coconut water and whey protein isolate - the first and only of its kind. 

Being no stranger to long hours on court, extreme weather conditionings and gruelling matches believe me when I say we have tried a fair few pre, during and post workout drinks. 

So far we have found most, although serve a purpose, tend to taste extremely sweet and far from natural.

So you you can imagine the excitement when we found out a new product had hit the market. One that is natural AND claims to contains all the electrolytes, minerals and protein you need to refuel your body after a hard session.

What is CocoPro?

CocoPro currently comes in two flavours - original and pineapple. Both of which we got the chance to try. 

Both flavours boast a 20g protein content and absolutely no added sugar. A rarity for most protein products. Made of whey isolate to maximise the speed of absorption - on paper it seems so far so good for CocoPro.

… but how does it taste?

After a gruelling 90 minute on court session, made harder by the freakishly hot Spring weather in London, team TennisFIT put CocoPro to the test. 

We are pleased to say that we were pleasantly surprised! There was no chalky flavour that most protein drinks have, and both flavours were more than palatable. 

330ml’s later and we were sold on the original flavour. It was less sweet than its pineapple brother and went down well after a thirsty workout. 

Both flavours however were refreshing, easily digested and not that thick, diary like product that is expected in a high protein drink.

At around £2.75 RRP for a 330ml carton we would definitely recommend CocoPro as a great post-workout thirst quencher. A little more expensive than a regular electrolyte drink, but considerably cheaper than most protein drink alternatives. 

All in all a hit at team TennisFIT! 

Try CocoPro for yourself, it’s sold at Waitress and several other health food shops. As well as online at