I used to be that kind of person who wrote a list of 100 millions unrealistic New Years Resolutions and wanted them to all achieve straight away! Well, I usually gave up after a few weeks and was very disappointed with myself. I don't waste my time anymore. 

What I would like to say is very simple. New Year’s resolutions suck :) Let’s be honest to loose extra weight in January is hard, to start playing tennis in winter can be tough too. Here in Europe weather conditions are not ideal. Courts can be slippery, even frozen so the risk of injury is higher and to find and pay for indoor courts can be tricky. 

Instead of New Year’s resolutions why don't welcome New Year with a year long goal. REALISTIC (the very important word)! Unfortunately it’s impossible to improve your game and raise your fitness level within a month. It’s a long term development. Be honest with yourself. Make a plan. Very simple and easy to understand and don’t forget basics. Good basics are the key for your growth. Time flies fast and if you rush through some area of your development it can actually be a step backwards rather than forwards. 

At TennisFIT we realise how all of this is important and we plan our sessions ahead with clear teaching points to achieve in the session. So don't forget to include joining TennisFIT lessons this year in your plan. We are planning pretty cool stuff for you guys this year so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. 

Best of luck to 2018 (everyone is saying it’s gonna be much better :)) Make it count!

Team TennisFIT