These days hip replacement is common surgery. The latest example is Andy Murray who has undergone successful surgery this week. Strengthening your hips and glutes is extremely important. Hips strength and flexibility has a major effect on your tennis performance as it generates the majority of power for your lower body. With your core muscles these are the key element to balance, powerful and injury free tennis. 

Here are a few tips how to strengthen your hips and gluteus.

Don't underestimate warm up

Warm up is very important. It’s aim is to warm your muscles up to prevent all kinds of injury. Try to choose dynamic exercises like hammy swings and skipping. You could also include exercises with resistance bands into your routine to help activate key muscle groups. Here are examples of exercises you could incorporate: monster walk, glute bridges, squats, lunges, etc. Also avoid static stretching before play.

Include hips strength into your fitness plan.

Squats, lunges, deadlifts are key to improving your hip strength. Just make sure you are doing it properly. Nail your technique before you increase your weights. For most hip hinge exercises the key is to driving with your hips. There are more exercises but this three are very effective. 

If you are a beginner in the gym ask a professional to help. 

Try yoga. 

I’m not a big fan of yoga, but it has so many benefits. A great way to stretch your body, improve your posture and mobility. Try yoga once a week and you will soon see improvements. 

Stretch. But after the lesson!

Flexibility is important as well. During your tennis training and especially in long matches your hips become tight. Hips are responsible for lots of on court movements like rotation, changing direction, sprinting forward and to the side. A stiff body can’t move properly and can increase the risk of injury. So this extra 20 - 30 mins after practice or a match can help you to play tennis longer, feel better and be injury free. You can try stretches such as: knee to chest, butterfly, pigeon stretch, frog stretch, piriformis stretch, kneeling hip flexor stretch and many others. 

If you want to strengthen your body and don't know where to start. Feel free to contact us and we  can guide you in the right direction.


Hope you enjoy the tips and let us know what you think in the comments.

Team TennisFIT