Are you having trouble winning your service game? Are you struggling to decide which shot to hit after serve? Which pattern to choose? Where to hit your next shot? 

We will go through some game patterns that help you hold your serve. It’s important to realise that serve is actually the only shot in tennis you control. You can serve wide, body, T, flat, kick or slice. We will go through this in another blog. Let’s just focus on the tactical side of your service game. 

It depends on your shot preference but the basic pattern is first serve and attacking forehand. It’s a great shot because attacking forehand can be hit anywhere from the court. It doesn't have to be close to the lines if forehand is hit with enough power and aggression. 

Game patterns: 

  • Serve wide and attacking FH to open a court
  • Serve wide and volley to the open court
  • Serve to the ,,T,, and behind the opponent (serve to the T is reducing the angles)
  • Serve to the body to surprise the receiver and attack with forehand 
  • Serve and volley
  • Serve to the weaker shot of the receiver (it’s usually backhand) and keep hitting to the weaker shot till opponent makes mistake or you can hit winner to the open court 

Watch the video below of the first three patterns. 

These are the basic patterns. You should include these patterns into your tennis training to gain enough confidence and use them in the match. It’s very important to practice with purpose! This will make a huge difference in your game. Next time when you are getting ready to serve - serve with purpose and a clear game plan and strategy.