TennisFIT is introducing two new concepts: TennisFIT Tots and TennisFIT Teens!

At team TennisFIT we realise the importance of sport in the lives of young people. From the development of hand-eye coordination, to spatial awareness and overall physical health. 

Tennis is a very popular sport and a great way for children to socialise and have fun. Here at TennisFIT we want to provide the highest standard of technical tennis coaching, with a specific age appropriate fitness program.

We are able to provide sessions as part of your schools PE program, tennis program or as an extra curricular activity. 

If you are interested in providing TennisFIT in your schools physical education program - please contact us.

Tennis kids classes

TennisFIT Tots (4-6years)

TennisFIT Tots will focus on teaching ball skills, spatial awareness and improving co-ordination. From the tennis side we will look at the basics of the different strokes and movement on court. The fitness element will look at developing and awaking the CNS. Improving hand-eye coordination and balance through the use of teaching tools such as footwork ladders, cones and lines. 

TennisFIT Tots (7-9years)

These sessions will be designed for 7-9year olds. They will focus on developing their tennis ability. Looking in more depth at the technical aspect of tennis, whilst keeping sessions fun and engaging by introducing a competitive element. Fitness will focus on developing movement patterns needed for tennis, as well as introducing a core and stretching program to improve body awareness and prevent imbalances occurring.

TennisFIT Teens (10+)

These sessions will be designed for the older children. They will include on-court tennis drilling, match tactics and match play. A more rigorous fitness program will be introduced, looking at aerobic fitness as well as whole body strength and conditioning. Tennis specific speed and agility drills will also be incorporated. Individualised tennis specific testing can be arranged to show improvement over the course of the term.